The dairy industry is Australia's third largest rural industry producing a range of products including milk, milk powder, yoghurt, butter and cheese. Increased costs of production and reduced margins mean that dairy producers need to achieve high efficiencies during the processing of raw milk into saleable product. The team at CentricPA have experience in delivering robust systems such as tanker bay controls, filtration plants, evaporators, dryers, cheese making, CIP systems amongst many others.


CentricPA have helped shape the brewing industry having delivered successful projects for the largest breweries across Australia & New Zealand. These project include brewhouse upgrades, automated cellars, filtration plants with full batching and traceability systems. These projects have helped deliver our brewing customers create consistent and repeatable production processes.

Craft Brewing

Beer isn't always beer, just ask any craft brewer. Each brew is unique and a testament of the skill of the brewer. CentricPA have developed systems and processes that transfer the benefits learnt from the big brewing projects in a much smaller and affordable scale. These include mashing, lautering and fermentation. Centric digital systems can deliver full cloud integration, recipe management & reporting. Centric turnkey solutions can deliver full brewhouse & brewery design, supply and installation.


Beverage plants generally operate either discrete or continuous batch production. CentricPA's high performance HMI, expandable PLC structures and batch control systems can be adapted to various size production plants. Centric digital systems can provide SAP interfaces, recipe management as well as full track and trace systems.

Water/Waste Water

CentricPA have delivered many projects across multiple sectors for the processing and treatment of water and waste water. Carbon filtration, chemical dosing & reactor vessels. CentricPA digital systems can provide EPA & water authority discharge reporting systems

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