CentricPA Automation Solutions Learn More Start Now 01 CentricPA Automation Solutions CentricPA delivers turnkey solutions, From development of FD’s, PLC & SCADA through to installation and commissioning. Integrated Business Solutions Learn More Start Now 02 CentricPA Digital Solutions CentricPA digital solutions fills the gap that traditional PLC/SCADA solutions has in todays modern manufacturing environment. Including Cloud Integration, IIOT, Track & Trace, Recipe Management and many more. new era of innovation Learn More Start Now 03 CentricPA Engineering Services CentricPA's Engineering Services disseminates the specialist in house automation knowledge to solve specific customer problems.
Combining best practice automation with emerging technologies to create value for our customers.

About Us

Embedded in the CentricDNA is a passion to create value for our customers. Bringing together experienced engineers from a wide range of backgrounds, CentricPA have developed integrated systems which not only provide the building blocks of robust automation solutions, but harvest the valuable data the manufacturing process produces, all at no additional cost to implementing a traditional automation solution.

Year on year we build our knowledge, invest in our people and continue to embrace new technology. This has lead us to being an industry leader in the development and delivery of world class S88/S95 batching systems and MES solutions. All developed in house to be best in class.

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Section - Who do we work for

Who do we work for

Process Integration Vendors

Our Process Integration Vendors typically take on full turnkey projects for end users on fixed price contracts. The CentricPA frameworks delivery reliable, repeatable solutions to minimise both upfront engineering and site commissioning costs.


CentricPA have a proven track record of deploying custom end to end solutions in many different manufacturing environments. Our library of building blocks allow consultants to mix and match to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

End Users

In todays dynamic manufacturing environment, there is a need to deliver more for. CentricPA domain expertise in the FMCG manufacturing sector allows us to deliver bespoke systems to end users with cost effective solutions that perform beyond expectations.

Section - Executed Across...

Executed Across All Layers of the Manufacturing Environment

Plant Floor

Using the ‘Build Once, Deploy Many’ approach, CentricPA have built a library of robust, reliable PLC & SCADA modules. Using these proven modules reduces development & commissioning time on every project.

Plant Management

You can’t improve performance without first measuring it. CentricPA standard automation modules automatically capture and present manufacturing data such as OEE & downtime. This same data also drives other business critical information such as traceability and product recall modules.

Executive Management

CentricPA systems integrate seamlessly with many ERP systems allowing direct scheduling and enterprise level reporting in todays rapidly shifting manufacturing environment.


about us

Centric Process Automation is an Australian owned and operated team of engineers, providing innovative and forward thinking Process Automation, Consultancy, Engineering Design, PLC, SCADA and Manufacturing Solutions to customers worldwide.

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