Section - Batching S88/S95
Batching S88/S95

S88/S95 is a design philosophy for batch control processes. CentricPA have developed structured batching PLC, SCADA & MES frameworks adhering to international S88/S95 standards. We can assist with full project design, development and execution including Physical & Procedural models on both greenfield sites and brownfield migrations. Our projects have been deployed to several major manufacturers, both here in Australia and overseas.

Section - PLC Frameworks
PLC Frameworks

Whilst S88/S95 is a robust solution, it's not the right solution in all applications. Sometimes simple is better, but without cutting on quality. We have also built in house light weight PLC/HMI solutions used in applications like legacy plants, skid solutions and craft manufacturing.

Section - High Performance HMI
High Performance HMI

High Performance HMI is boring by design. When things are running well, we shouldn't see the screens of old that pack as much colour and animations on a page as possible. CentricPA have built in house HP HMI standards which highlight when something occurs in the process which needs operator intervention to keep the plant operating.

Section - Legacy System Upgrades
Legacy System Upgrades

CentricPA have performed many legacy PLC/SCADA/HMI & MES systems. These can be either standard conversions to replace ageing hardware or full system rewrites to not only upgrade hardware but also take advantage of recent progresses such as S88 models or High Performance HMI.

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