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Gone are the days of traditional PLC & SCADA systems. Today's rapidly changing technology sector has opened up the door to a suite of automation solutions that co-exist with (or even exist without) a PLC & SCADA solution.

Section - Cloud Integration
Cloud Integration

One of the biggest changes in recent years is the reliance on "the cloud". CentricPA maintain a private cloud in an Australian based Tier IV data center. Not only does this ensure 99.99% up time, but we take it one step further and can provide our customers with immutable backups and also host hardware in spare space in our racks.

Section - Recipe Management
Recipe Management

Recipe Management gives manufacturers the ability to use the same pieces of equipment to produce multiple SKU's. CentricPA have in house developed recipe management systems, built on open source software our Recipe Management solutions are deployed to compliment our PLC/SCADA solutions and are delivered with no ongoing licencing costs.

Section - Track and Trace
Track and Trace

Most modern manufacturing plants are complex. From small craft operations to mega manufacturing facilities, knowing where products are within the plant is critical to ensure no cross contamination or wastage. Sometimes however things go wrong. Raw material suppliers could have had an issue that is only discovered after manufacturing has begun. CentricPA track and trace systems give our customers the ability to prepare for product recalls within 3 clicks, no joke.

Section - Genealogy

Extending on our Track and Trace solution, in many manufacturing environments it's important to use the oldest product first. Our genealogy solutions not only provide track and trace capability but also what to use when.

Section - IIOT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) has changed the way we interact with devices in manufacturing plants. It's now possible to see key performance data on mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.

One key part of IIOT is security. CentricPA maintain a private 4G network to connect us, our customers and their plants with the peace of mind that nobody else can access their systems.

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